from by Action Camp



i watch your eyes
i feel your hand
tracing over my old man
bite you lip
hold your tongue
in the dark is where this stays fun

i'll play my part and step aside
and let him think to me you lied
us three we put on quite a show

he looks at you through a disguise,
he speaks to you with practiced lines
i purred to him not long ago
(dip and smile with poise and grace)

go ahead and dance with him
get tangled up in every limb
he'll keep you warm in his embrace
but come the morn' it's you you'll face


from Dead Like Tan, released April 30, 2008



all rights reserved


Action Camp Pittsburgh

We're from Pittsburgh. We like Doom, Surf, and Electro - so that's kind of our thing. Maura sings and plays bass, Bengt sings and plays baritone guitar, and Joe plays drums. We also use lots of samplers, synths, and drum machines.

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